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Backyard Urban Garden (B.U.G.) Farms

Serving Salt Lake County
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Contact Person: Kristen and Zach
Phone: 801-694-6067 or 801-842-1094

Backyard Urban Garden (B.U.G) Farms is an urban farm using multiple plots of land on the west side of Salt Lake City in the Glendale Neighborhood! A cluster of several large backyards have been transformed into highly productive SPIN-Style Mini Farms to provide our CSA members and local restaurants in the Salt Lake City Area with the highest quality, sustainably grown produce.

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture is a partnership between us, BUG Farmers, and you, the locavore consumer! CSA's are a business model that allows you as a consumer and us as farmers share the risks and benefits involved in growing your food in an urban, grassroots, and community-based way. You purchase a subscription to the farm (a "share") and become a member.Our CSA program gives an opportunity for families and individuals to directly access urban farm fresh produce throughout the growing season while directly supporting small scale, sustainable, grassroots community agriculture. Your upfront payment is indispensible in covering start-up farm expenses and also providing living wages for the folks who are growing your food. Without your support, we would not be able to continue growing good food for our Salt Lake Community. We hope you will consider becoming a member of the BUG Farms CSA Program.

What Are My Share Options?

There are 2 basic option types: The Full Share, and the Half Share. Both provide the same amount of produce in each delivery, but the Full Share comes every week, and the Half Share comes every other week during the growing season. If you buy a Half Share, based on your delivery of pickup location, you will be assigned to either Week A or Week B distribution.

How Long Is The Season?

Weather permitting, from mid-May to the end of October, give or take a week or two depending good graces of Mother Earth : ) The total season should last between 22-25 weeks

How Will I Get My Veggie Share?

There are 2 ways of getting your veggies each week: HOME/OFFICE DELIVERY or CSA PICKUP LOCATIONS.

HOME/OFFICE DELIVERY: One of the many unique things about our CSA program is our delivery service. For a small additional fee, if you live within Salt Lake City, there is no need to remember to pick up your CSA share, we deliver it directly to your house or office! The one time delivery fee is $50 for a Half Share and $100 for a Full Share. This helps us cover our costs in fuel and extra labor.

If you are getting a Home/Office Delivery, we need to make sure you have a way of keeping your veggies cool and fresh until they get inside your fridge. Therefore, please make sure you have a cooler with a cold freezer pack outside your front door of hour house/apartment, or have some way of storing your produce in your office, either in an office fridge or cooler, before taking it home with you.

CSA PICKUP LOCATIONS: If you don't mind coming to a pickup location for your veggies and are on a tighter budget, the Pickup Share may be the way to go for you. Here is a list of our dropoff Locations:

  • Mountain Valley Seed Co. 
  • Sugarhouse Pickup
  • Avenues Pickup
  • East Bench/University Pickup
  • Liberty Wells Pickup
  • Wasatch Cohousing Pickup

  • How Much Food Will I Get In My Delivery?

    Understand that even with our best planning and farming efforts, mother earth is the real decider on what grows and what doesn't! Each delivery should contain between 5-9 different veggie/greens/herb items. The exact quantity and variety will change each week depending on the harvest for that time of the season. For example, if the slugs and snails decide to eat up a certain bed of spinach, then you may not have spinach for that week. Generally, one delivery should last 2-4 people cooking at home a weeks worth of veggies. If you are single, think about teaming up with a friend and splitting a Full Share, or try a Half Share where you will have 2 weeks to eat your produce before getting another delivery.

    June deliveries could look like this:
    4 oz microgreens
    6 oz lettuce mix
    6 oz baby spinach
    1 bunch Rainbow chard
    1 bunch Red Russian kale
    1 bunch French Breakfast radish
    1 bunch Parisienne carrots
    1 bunch cilantro
    2 medium summer squash

    August deliveries could look like this:
    8 oz mixed heirloom cherry tomatoes
    1 bunch rainbow carrots
    1 bunch rainbow beets
    1 large eggplant
    1/3 lb green beans
    1-3 sweet pepper
    2-4 hot peppers
    1 bunch/bag basil
    1 bunch chard
    4 oz sunflower sprouts

    October deliveries could look like this:
    2 lb potatoes
    2 acorn squash or 1 larger winter squash
    2-3 storage onions
    6 oz. spinach
    1 bunch chard
    4 oz microgreens
    1 bunch pea shoots
    6 oz lettuce mix

    Exact quantities and varieties can vary a bit, and some weeks you may recieve more different veggies than others. 

    What If I Am Out Of Town?

    We are hoping to provide veggies for up to 90 members this year, which makes member management a very BIG JOB. Based on my experience last year, it became increasingly pain-staking and tedious to keep track of who was skipping weeks when. So to streamline the member management, and reduce errors, if you know you are going to be out of town, there will be a couple of options: Coordinate a friend who will pick up your share at your delivery location and eat it or keep it for you for that week. We won't be able to deliver it to a different address though. Another option for Half Share members is to switch your delivery to your "off week". The bottom line is to please LET US KNOW AT LEAST A WEEK AHEAD OF YOUR ABSENCE and we can figure out something for you : )

    How Do I Pay For My CSA Membership?

    Currently, we can accept cash, check or credit card (through PayPal) for CSA payment.  We understand that paying for the whole season at once may be challenging for some. If that is keeping you from joining, send us an email @ and we will work with you in setting up a payment plan. We really want to offer our tasty veggies to as many folks as possible in our community and offer as low of a price as we can, while still being able to function sustainably as an urban farming business.

    When writing your checks, please make them out to our expanded acronym Backyard Urban Garden Farms  and send them to:

    Backyard Urban Garden Farms 
    1998 S. Windsor St. 
    SLC, UT 84105

    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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